Welcome to St. John the Evangelist RC Primary School

Welcome to St. John the Evangelist

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Welcome to our school website.  We hope you find all the information you require within its contents.  St John the Evangelist School is one of a network of Roman Catholic Schools within the Salford Diocese.  As such, we are committed to the values, customs and traditions of the Roman Catholic Church.  In every day terms, this means we focus on the teachings and example of Jesus as made known to us through the Gospels.
Our Mission Statement is “In the Light of Jesus, we Learn to love and love to learn.” It was formed after consultation with our parish, governors, staff, children and parents.  At the end of this process our children chose it and make us proud by living up to it every day.
Our relationship with our local community and parents is unique, this is made known to us by the fact that many people refer to us as the ‘family school.’ For this reason productive relationships are at the heart of everything that we do.
‘Our Seeds and Gardeners’ initiative is at the core of our message which is that every single one of us is a creation of God and needs to be cared for. It is this which makes us all incredibly important and unique.  Our Year 6, are the ‘Gardeners’ and our Reception children, are the ‘Seeds’. 
This relationship is to be readily seen throughout all our classes and reflects the essence of family.  Visitors to our school often note how happy and safe the children feel.  They are so joyous and really do live up to the ideal of ‘loving to learn’.  Why not arrange a visit and see for yourself.  Feel free to experience one of our family assemblies on Friday Mornings at 9.15 am, be prepared though as It will be a tight squeeze as lots of our parents really love to share it with us!
L. Jackson

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“In the light of Jesus, where we learn to love and love to learn”


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