The Friends of St John the Evangelist School

The Friends Association exists to raise funds for the purchase of educational resources in school. Every parent/carer is welcome to attend meetings and encouraged to support school functions.  Every fundraising event helps your children directly as every penny raised is used to purchase educational equipment. Your support is essential. During the last ten years the Friends Association has raised over £25,000. The Friends Association always need extra hands and will never turn down your offers of help. All parents and families of pupils in the school are automatically members, so please come along!

Who are we?
Chairperson           Phillipa Atherton
Treasurers              Jamie Mitchell
Secretary                Denise Barnes
School liaison        Marie Aspinall
Other Members
We have a group of very friendly parents who are always happy to provide you with any information or answer any questions you may have.
At the moment, the Friends are trialing different times and venues for meetings to see which is most convenient for parents to attend. Please just attend whatever meetings you are able to – the more, the merrier! At the end of day, these meetings are informal, good fun and are to discuss fundraising ideas to benefit the children.
Keep an eye on this page for upcoming events!

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