Extending Learning

All our children receive regular work to do at home to extend and widen learning. The primary vehicle for this activity is through our learning logs which encourage pupils to demonstrate in whatever way they wish either what they already know about a subject coming up or what they have just learned about an area covered.

Other homework includes a requirement for daily home reading, weekly Maths homework and a variety of activities through learning logs. The use of technology also strengthens links between school and home learning with the use of blogging, which allows children to safely discuss learning with their peers.


Outside learning

At St. John’s, we have an outside classroom that is used for all types of learning and reinforces the idea that learning goes on all of the time – not just in the classroom environment!

Our Reception and Year 1 classrooms are also equipped with an outdoor learning area, which acts as an extension of the classroom. Children enjoy den building, exploring and making things in the mud kitchen, mark making and lots more!

Year 5 Play Leaders

Our Year 5 Play Leaders carry out a number of different responsibilities in relation to outdoor learning. They are trained to lead games and playtime activities to engage younger children at lunchtimes and also support teaching staff in moving equipment and apparatus safely in order to prepare for P.E. lessons and sports clubs.

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