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St John’s RC Primary School is committed to meeting the requirements of the primary curriculum.  Our Catholic faith is at the heart of everything we do.  We teach RE lessons to learn about religion and find out what we can learn from religion in the way we live and treat each other.

The curriculum will be taught with the consideration of the needs of all learners.  Our curriculum will be exciting and will inspire children to nurture a passion for learning. t also allows scope for the teacher to plan some of the content around the pupils’ own interests and enable learners to take the enquiry off in their own direction. This is a key feature.

The emphasis is on activities which make the children think. The teachers’ role should be primarily one of asking questions rather than giving answers. Much of the content is integrated and cross- curricular- but this is not the most important factor. Where things do not ‘fit’ they can stand alone but an enquiry approach is still be taken.

The school implements a successful skills-based curriculum. As an added resource our school is using the published scheme called ‘The Learning Challenge’ to help develop our personalised curriculum.  This approach seeks to stimulate our pupils’ imagination and curiosity by stimulating questions which naturally arise out of their learning.
Our school, whilst delivering the statutory content of the National Curriculum, has a thematic approach to learning and many of the topics will change regularly to excite and stimulate the children.  Our curriculum ensures that children make progress with their learning as they move through the school.

We aim for our children to:

  •          Develop inquisitive minds, a spirit of curiosity and a passion for learning
  •          Be equipped with the skills to fully participate in an ever changing world
  •          Be respectful and productive members of the community
  •          Have high expectations and self-belief to enable them to fulfil their potential
  •          Reflect on their learning and seek to extend themselves mentally, physically and spiritually
  •          Uphold the Catholic ethos of the school whilst respecting their own cultures and beliefs and those of other people
  •          Persevere and learn from their mistakes
  •          Develop an understanding and respect for the environment and God’s creation
  •          Have the courage and confidence to take calculated risks.

Please contact the school office if you require any further information about our curriculum in school.

Below are links to the curriculum overviews for each year group for 2018-19 and curriculum policies

Curriculum Long Term Overviews

Reception Yearly Overview 2018-19

Year 1 Yearly Overview 2018-19

Year 2 Yearly Overview 2018-19

Year 3 Yearly Overview 2018-19

Year 4 Yearly Overview 2018-19

Year 5 Yearly Overview 2018-19

Year 6 Yearly Overview 2018-19

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