We are very proud of our school uniform and it is compulsory at St John the Evangelist.

We hope you will continue to support us in this. The uniform is as follows:

Grey shorts/trousers (school style trousers)
Maroon sweatshirts (with school logo)
White polo shirts
Grey socks
Grey pinafore dress, skirt or trousers (school style trousers)
Maroon sweatshirts/cardigans (with school logo)
White polo shirts
Grey or white socks/grey tights
Summer: Maroon/red check dress
Boys: Plain black leather or leather look shoes with black laces or velcro.
Girls: Plain low heeled black shoes with black laces, buckles, Velcro or elastic straps.
Trainers, slip-on shoes, open-toe sandals, boots and canvas footwear are not allowed and are often unsuitable protection from foot injuries.
Children should wear white t-shirts without collar (plain or with the school logo) with black shorts. Children should wear plain, white socks. For indoor PE children should wear plimsolls.
For outdoors they should wear trainers. Maroon hooded sweat-shirts with the school logo are optional if the weather is cold.
All children need a bag, labelled with their name, to keep these clothes in and ALL clothes and shoes should be labelled.
Children’s bags must be of an appropriate size. Our cloakrooms are small and are often in public places where large
bags may become an obstruction.
All school sweatshirts, polo shirts, PE kit, PE and book bags are available from
Whittakers Schoolwear, 106 Deansgate, Bolton.
Harrisons Schoolwear, Blackburn Rd., Bolton
Cricket World, Unit 2 Riverside, Waters Meeting Rd, Bolton
Please do not send your child to school wearing jewellery as it can be easily lost and can cause accidents in PE and in the playground.
However children are permitted to wear a watch. Earrings of any type are not allowed. If children’s ears are pierced in disregard of the
school uniform policy then they must wear plasters over the studs until an appropriate time when they can be removed.
Hair must be natural colour for both boys and girls.
Hairstyles should not include any tramlines or shaven patterns. Gel or hairspray is not allowed. If hair is grown long, it should be
worn in a ponytail, bunches or plaits. This will also help to stop the spread of head lice. Children must not wear braids (for safety reasons).
Hair accessories should be simple and school colours.

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