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A warm welcome to Year 1!

We are looking forward to teaching your children this year so if there is anything that you need to pass on to make transition easier, please let the Year 1 team know.

Moving up to Year 1 will be a change for the children although it will happen gradually. In the autumn term the children have the opportunity to access continuous provision and adult focus groups will take place throughout the week. In the Spring Term there will be more adult led activities and independent group work. The Summer Term will then gradually move more towards whole class teaching in preparation for Year 2.

The children will continue with their Phonics programme Read Write Inc. This takes place every day in small groups. It is a half hour fast paced session on learning their sounds, blending, guided reading and guided writing. The booklets they will be working in will be available at parent’s evenings.

In Year 1, the children are required to take a Phonics Screening test. This test checks the children’s ability to blend the sounds we have covered in 40 real and unknown (alien) words. We will look at past tests throughout the year so that the children become familiar with the presentation and test routine.

You can see our class topics term by term by accessing our yearly overview on our school website by clicking Parents – Curriculum – Our curriculum – Year 1.

General information:

The children will have 2 PE sessions a week. Their PE days are Monday and Thursday and the children are asked to bring both pumps and trainers in their kit.

Please can you make sure your child’s name or initials are put into uniforms including PE kits to help prevent loss of items.

Children are allowed to bring a healthy snack to eat at break time and they will keep this in the classroom. Please note we have children in our school who have a nut allergy, so can we ask that you take this into consideration when choosing a snack for your child and refrain from including any whole nuts or nut – based products.

For weekly updates on our learning and activities visit our class blog.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Taylor, Mrs Rate, Mrs Longworth and Mrs Marshall

The Year 1 team

Learning at home

Homework will be given out at the beginning of each term and collected towards the end of the term so we can show off our work in show and tell sessions. We ask that they complete at least one Literacy task and one Numeracy task and then any from the grid. The idea is that you make 20 points (but feel free to do more).

After October half term your child will be sent home with a green spelling log. Please help your child to learn their weekly spellings as we will have a test each Friday. The number of spellings will be increased as the year progresses.

We want your child to love reading – and to want to read for themselves. This is why we work hard to make sure children develop a love of books as well as simply learning to read.

You can help your child to sound out the letters in words and then to ‘blend’ the sounds together to make a whole word. Try not to refer to the letters by their names. Help your child to focus on the sounds. You can hear how to say the sounds correctly by searching on YouTube for ‘Read Write Inc. Phonemes Pronunciation Guide’.

Sometimes your child might bring home a book that they already know well. Please don’t say, ‘This is too easy,’ Instead, encourage your child to tell you the story out loud; ask them questions about things that happen or what they think about some of the characters in the story.

Make reading fun! Remember to keep reading to your child.  They will come across far more adventurous words than they will in their early reading books and you will be helping them to grow a vast vocabulary, develop a deeper understanding of different stories etc.  It will also encourage them to love books and want to read more; if a child sees and hears an adult reading they are inspired by them!

An educational site that we use at school is Purple Mash. You will find your child’s username and log in details in their reading diaries.

Happy home learning everyone!

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