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Reading books

Reading books will be changed as and when your child has finished their book and you have signed their reading record book. The new reading record books will operate in the same way as last year. We do not set certain pages to be read because all children read at different paces; so you and your child can set the pace. As a guide we suggest 15 minutes per night but this can be extended if you and your child wish.


Monday and Thursday (Please ensure your child has their named PE kit in school for both sessions). For health and safety reasons earrings must not be worn during PE lessons.


As a school, St. Johns has now adopted the ‘No Nonsense Spelling’ programme, which embraces the knowledge of spelling conventions and promotes the learning of spellings, whilst meeting the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum. To promote children’s independence in their learning, we will be teaching a variety of new strategies for children to use to help practise their spellings – they can then choose which is best for them. At first, these strategies may be unfamiliar to you, however, you can find more information on the school website in the ‘Parents’ section. The children will be taught a spelling pattern or rule each week and will receive 8-10 corresponding spellings each Friday, ready to be tested on the following Friday (some weeks their spellings may be taken from the Year 2 common exception word list).

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Mrs Hawken, Mrs Mackey and Mr Brown.