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What are we learning about?

This half term our learning surrounds the Second World War.

This monumental event, from the not so distant past, is something which we can learn a lot from.

Most of all, how we can learn from out mistakes and help to build a peaceful future for our world.

Be sure to have a look at our Class Blog for all of the other exciting learning and activities happening in Year 4 this half term.

Learning at home

Learning at home is some which underpins everything we do in class. The expectations for this are clear, fair and hold a priceless benefit to the development of the children.

The expectations are as follows:

During Term Time

Reading of both ‘Home Reader’ and children’s own choice of book each week.

Maths homework booklet – page of the week found on class blog.

Spellings – linked to our ‘sound of the week’ approach, these are also found on class blog.

Times Table Rock Stars –

Purple Mash –

In addition to this work during term time, creative family based activities are also set during the holiday periods!


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