The governing body is similar to a Board of Directors. It makes decisions on how the school is run and has a
general responsibility for managing the school effectively. The Governing Body’s  most important function is to maintain the Catholic nature
of the school.

Governors meet as a body at least once a term and in committees on many occasions during the school year. They are responsible for determining
the admissions policy, helping to decide on the school’s curriculum, employing staff, setting standards of behaviour, overseeing the spending
of the school budget, maintaining and improving the school building and grounds, and supporting the headteacher and staff.

The Governors have legal duties, powers and responsibilities and report to the parents. Each governor takes a particular interest in some aspect
of school life.


The governing body is made up as follows:

Mrs. Alison Howarth – Chair

Mrs. Alyson Grundy

Mrs. Amy Cowen

Mrs. Margaret Edwards

Fr. David Chinnery

Mr. Matthew Parkinson

Mrs. Anna Nuttall

Mr. Jamie Stone

Mr. David Harrison

Mrs. Lesley Jackson (Headteacher)

Mrs. Emma Stryker

Please click below for the Governing Body Structure details:

2018-19 Governing Body Structure

Term dates

Governor Name Type of Governor Date of appointment Term Ends
Mr. Matthew Parkinson FDC 04/02/15 03/02/19
Mrs. Alison Howarth FDC – Chair 23/07/15 22/07/19
Mrs. Alyson Grundy FDC 05/10/14 04/10/18
Mrs. Anna Nuttall FDC 01/09/16 31/08/20
Mrs. Margaret Edwards FDC 06/09/15 05/09/19
Fr. David Chinnery FEO 13/09/18 12/09/22
Mrs. Amy Cowen LEA 15/12/15 14/12/19
Mr. Jamie Stone P 02/11/17 01/11/21
Mr. David Harrison P 01/12/17 30/1/21
Mrs. Lesley Jackson SHT 01/05/16
Mrs. Emma Stryker STA 13/09/18 12/09/22

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