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What are we learning about?

Welcome to Year 5! 

This term, we are learning about Brazil as part of our Creative Curriculum learning. We will be doing lots of research using different tools, art and design, map work and comparing Brazil with the United Kingdom. This will allow the children plenty of opportunity for independent learning. 

In Literacy, we will be focusing on a class novel, Skellig, in addition to looking at character and setting description, debate, balanced argument and some poetry. 

Year 5 will be continuing their work on the Linking Project. Our link school is Essa Primary School. There are numerous activities to be carried out, as well as children getting to know children from that school, with different cultural backgrounds to themselves. They will have the opportunity to visit Essa Academy and vice versa later in the year.

Learning at home

Spellings will run through our new scheme, which will allow the children to be taught different rules and the definitions of unfamiliar words. The children will be tested every Friday on these. 

Maths Homework will be given out on a Friday, based on their learning that week and are expected to be in for the following Wednesday. Please keep up the times tables at home – times tables form a huge part of the curriculum and it is vital children can quickly recall them.

Reading is expected to be completed daily at home. As the children are now in Year 5, we expect additional reading.

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